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This course is WIOA approved and is on the Maryland Eligible Training Provider List . Students obtaining support through WIOA offices should contact Chunta Rivers via email at crivers AT_TOWSON to initiate the registration process. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also lists «Computer Support Specialist» among its most promising career areas, expecting 10 percent annual growth in job opportunities over the coming decade. Information technology is an incredibly dynamic field, creating new opportunities and challenges every day. Participating in our Continuing Education program will enable you to stay current with new and evolving technologies and remain a sought-after IT expert.

  • Global Recognition – CompTIA certifications, including the A+, are recognized worldwide by all types of organizations including the U.S.
  • In this chapter, we’ll show you how the BIOS handles the most basic operations of your personal computer and how the CMOS stores all of your important configuration information.
  • Acquire the necessary hands-on skills for your A+ certification exam with CompTIA Labs for A+.
  • Trusted by Hiring Employers – Employers of all types need IT, professionals, within their organizations, and they trust CompTIA A+ certified professionals to maintain the operation of their computer systems.

The personal computer has a large and diverse set of ports, connectors, and cables. The CompTIA A+ professional needs to recognize the most common ports and connectors and how to use and support each port. Power is an important part of every computer system in the world, and every CompTIA A+ certified professional should be able to understand, specify, and troubleshoot power problems in any environment. In this chapter, we’ll show you how the BIOS handles the most basic operations of your personal computer and how the CMOS stores all of your important configuration information. We’ll also show you how to use VMware Player or Microsoft Virtual PC to create a test lab on your computer where you can test your BIOS changes without modifying your PC settings.

Prepare for CompTIA A+, NETWORK+ and SECURITY+ Certification

In addition to a degree in electronics and computer technology, he actively holds certifications in CompTia A+, Network+, Security+, CCNA and CEH. The CompTIA A+ certification addresses performance-based topics and questions that prove you can think on your feet and solve systems, software, and network problems in real-time. The A+ certification demonstrates you have experience with key technologies and, resultingly, provides a leg up over candidates who do not have it. CompTIA A+ certification is a comprehensive, vendor-neutral credential that proves a technician’s competency in installation, preventative maintenance, networking, security, and troubleshooting of both hardware and software. TrainACE’s A+ training class runs for 56 hours of in-class learning, which makes it a little longer than most of our boot camp-style classes. Over the years we have been running this class we have found that the additional teaching time works much better for students who are often starting with little previous computer experience.

CompTIA A+ Certification Lessons

Ready your team for CompTIA A+ certification with the skills and hands-on experience they’ll get with our group training. A+ group training is highly effective and can be customized to meet specific objectives, schedules and budgets! For more and to receive a price quote with your particulars see Group Training CompTIA A+ Certification Lessons . Instructional lessons are combined with videos, practice questions, and performance-based questions to provide hours of content aligned with the CompTIA exam objectives. A Learning Plan helps learners stay on track with their studies, while robust analytics bring awareness of strengths and weaknesses.

I got my A+ and it is the best thing I ever did.

One of the most important foundational elements of the CompTIA A+ certification involves the safety of computer professionals and those around them. In these videos, you’ll discover how to protect yourself when working around today’s high-voltage electrical environments and how the proper tools can be the difference when tackling big problems. If you’ve ever wanted to make sense of the jumble of chips, cables, and fans inside of a computer, this training module is for you!

How hard is the CompTIA A+ exam?

The difficulty of the test will depend in large part on your interest and experience in the subject. If you are taking the CompTIA A+ exam because you have already been building and fixing computers for a while and have a working knowledge of operating systems, especially Windows, you should have no problem passing the test. The exam consists of two tests. Each has 90 questions, which consist of multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop questions, and performance-based questions. For each test, you get an hour and a half.

It’s designed to be a continued validation of your expertise and a tool to expand your skillset. It’s also the ace up your sleeve when you’re ready to take the next step in your career. Developed by CompTIA for the CompTIA certification candidate, Study Guides are available in print or eBook format and packed with informative and engaging content tied to exam objectives.

Authorised CompTIA partner

CertMaster Practice for A+ confirms strong areas and fills knowledge gaps in weak areas, helping you feel more prepared and confident when you go into your A+ certification exam. Transform your team through best-in-class, vendor-certified IT and process training, delivered in classroom and online by our award-winning trainers.

CompTIA A+ Certification Lessons

It is designed to teach you the skills required to become a successful computer technician. This training focuses on teaching basic software and hardware knowledge, like installation and configuration, to help you achieve one of the industry’s most influential certifications. You will learn a wide range of entry-level computer technician skills and leave fully prepared to pass your A+ certification exam. CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for launching IT careers into today’s digital world. CompTIA A Plus certified professionals support today’s core technologies from security to cloud to data management and are proven problem solvers.

A+ Certification Training Classes: Live Online or On-Demand

Our Remote Classroom Training is a live class with students observing the instructor and listening through your computer speakers. Global Recognition – CompTIA certifications, including the A+, are recognized worldwide by all types of organizations including the U.S.

CompTIA A+ Certification Lessons

CompTIA A+ certification requires two exams, with one voucher per exam required. Finish your CompTIA A+ Certification Prep by learning how to select, install, and service video, sound, and portable computers, and how to network, secure, and troubleshoot. In this course, you’ll learn about the hardware common to virtually every personal computer.

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